Forms, Licenses and Permits

Please be sure to review the appropriate forms, permits and licenses for citizens of Harvey, Illinois.

Birth Certificate Form
Make all requests for birth certificates with this form.

Building Permit Application

Business License Application

Business License Renewal Application packet

Contractor's License application

Death Certificate Form
Make all requests for death certificates with this form.

Electrical Permit Application


Garage Sale Form
The law requires you to register all property sales with the City before you begin. There is a $3 fee for garage sales.

Grievance Procedure

Harvey Transfer Stamp Form
Complete this form for all property transfers that will involve a monetary exchange.

Harvey Exempt Transfer Stamp Form
Complete this form if there is no money associated with the property transfer.

Home Business Application

Landlord Regulations Brochure

Landlord Rental Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Retailer's License Application

Special Use/Re-zoning/Change of Use Petition packet

Vacant Property Registration Application

Variance Petition packet

Enterprise Zone Application

City of Harvey Fair Housing Action Plan
Fair Housing Action Plan
Vehicle License Information
Please note that all vehicle forms must be filled out in person at the Harvey Municipal Center.

Vehicle Type Description
Motor Vehicles Motor Vehicle for carrying or persons and passengers, but not for hires
Senior Citizens Motor vehicle for carrying of persons and passengers, owned by resident age 65 by December 31
Handicap Motor vehicle for carrying of persons and passengers, owned by resident with handicap status plates
* Must be listed as being handicap on the registration
Motor vehicles for Hire

Vehicles, motor bikes, motor scooters, tricycles or self-propelled two- or three-wheeled vehicle for hire.

Limos Motor vehicle used to carry passengers for hire, ten or less persons (limo)
Motor Bus Motor bus or coach used to carry passengers for hire, more than 10 persons
Dealer plates  
$30 for the first,
$8 for each additional
Note: There will be an additional late charge
after February 15

Truck License Class
Gross Weight to & Including


"B" Plates (Pick-up trucks)


"D" Plates
"F" Plates
"H" Plates
"J" Plates
"K" Plates
"N" Plates
"P" Plates
"R" Plates
"S" Plates
"T" Plates
"V" Plates
"X" Plates
"Z" Plates
Truck sticker - Passenger

Disable Veterans "V" Plates only -- receive discount
Mayor's Welcome
On behalf the entire Harvey community, I would like to welcome you to the official web site of Harvey, Illinois.
Eric J. Kellogg