Water Department

The Harvey Water Department

Rufus A. Fisher
Director of Public Works
708-210-5340 (phone)
708-210-5377 (fax)

The City of Harvey Water Department is divided into two sections: the Customer Service Center and the Pumping Station. Any new residents to the City should contact the Customer Service Center.

Customer Service Center

Harvey Municipal Center
15320 Broadway Avenue
Harvey, IL 60426

Office Hours:
Monday: 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday: 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

New Resident Information:

New Service Application
Application for water service may be made at the Customer Service Center. To apply for service, an owner needs to bring in a signed settlement statement after closing on the property or a deed to the property. Renters need a current lease, signed by both the tenant and the landlord, and a security deposit. All applicants must bring their driver's license or state identification.
Click Here To Download Final Water Request

Water meters are read and billed monthly. Bills are due 15 days from the billing date. A late fee is applied on the 16th day. At the same, time a notice is generated and mailed, informing the customer that their bill is past due and stating the future shut-off date. The customer must respond to the notice before the shut-off date by either paying the bill in full or making payment plan arrangements with a Water Department Supervisor.

Water bills include charges for sewer maintenance and weekly refuse pick-up.

Payments can be made in person or can be mailed to:

City of Harvey
Water Department
15320 Broadway Avenue
P.O. Box 2600
Harvey, IL 60426

Pumping Station

The City of Harvey's Pumping Station is a major water service hub for numerous communities in the Chicago Southland area. Water is pumped from Chicago to Harvey and then disturbed throughout the surrounding communities. The Pumping Station Department provides numerous services, both emergency and non-emergency, for all water and sewer issues.

The City of Harvey's Water Department Pumping Station is located at:

Water & Sewer
51 W. 149th Street
Harvey, IL 60426
708-210-5300 Ext. # 393

Office Hours:
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

General Information

Water customers in the City of Harvey with an old meter in their home or business must contact the Harvey Pumping Station to set up an appointment to have the water meter exchanged with a radio-read meter.

Residents or contractors doing any digging in the City of Harvey must contact the Julie Corporation at 800-892-0123 before digging.

Residents with water meters located inside homes or businesses are responsible for taking care of the water meter located inside their property. It is the responsibility of the water customer to keep the water meter from freezing or getting damaged. Any frozen, damaged or missing meter will cost the responsible party $175 to have the water meter replaced.

Home and business owners are responsible for the sewer line from inside property to the City's main sewer line.

General Services Provided

Residential and commercial water meters readings. Water meter exchanges, installations, and removals. Water turn on and off. Temporary water turn on and off for inspections and repairs. Water main, water valves, fire hydrants, City b-boxes and water vault repairs. Water and sewer line locates for the Julie Corporation. Sewer complaints. City sewer line and catch basin repairs.

Pumping Station 24 Hour Emergency Services

Water Department
Emergency water turn offs, water main and valve leaks, missing vault covers

Sewer Department
Emergency sewer back-up, manhole cover missing and basement flooding

Contact Number:


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Mayor's Welcome
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