Doing Business With Harvey
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The City of Harvey (COH) is governed by a progressive administration dedicated to restoring pride in Harvey. The city seeks to do business with vendors across the state and country. The city purchases a variety of goods and services from suppliers that are both technically and financially responsible.

Below are the requirements to inform vendors of the procedures that must be followed to conduct business with the City of Harvey. It includes bidding requirements, bid opening and award process, how to become a vendor and vendor payments. These policies apply to internal operations and are applicable to all federal, state and local grant agreements. If the procurement requirements of any grant are more stringent than the existing city policy, the COH will adhere to the grant policy.

How The City Buys

For Projects Equal to or Greater than $10,000

The formal process -- contracts with a value greater than $10,000 -- are subject to free and open competitive sealed bidding, or competitive negotiation after public advertisement. This means that any financially responsible company may bid on a contract.

Bidders Database

The bidders database is made up classes of goods and services. This is the database consisting of firms that are directly solicited by the City for goods and services. To be placed in the bidders database, it is necessary to complete the Doing Business with the City of Harvey paperwork. Your information will be added to the database and when a solicitation is distributed, firms in the database will be notified.

Bidding Process

Request for Proposals (RFP) are mailed to selected firms. Bid packets will contain all the specifications, general instructions and any terms and conditions that apply to that commodity or service. Be careful to comply with all instructions and terms to avoid rejection of the bid.

Any questions or concerns regarding the bid should be addressed to the name and phone number that appear on the RFP prior to any bid opening. Complete the RFP according to the instructions, and deliver it to the City Clerk’s Office or location listed on the RFP prior to closing date and time. Late bids will not be considered. In addition, bidders may be required to post a 5% bid bond and/or a 100% performance bond if selected as the successful bidder.

Sealed Bid Opening and Award

Sealed bids received prior to the closing date and hour are secured by the City Clerk until they are to be opened. Upon opening, bids are publicly read. All bidders are welcome to attend the bid opening. The opening date and time corresponds to the closing date and time advertised on the RFP.

Note: Award results are not made public at that time the bid is opened. The bids are tabulated and analyzed to determine the lowest responsible bidder before the award can be made. Once the award is made, the purchase order or notice of award is prepared and sent to the successful bidder. Bid result information is available by enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the bid.

For projects less than $10,000

The informal process -- purchase orders for goods and services valued at less than $10,000 -- are solicited by mail or faxed bid quotations without public advertisement. Emergency contracts that are awarded to meet departmental or City emergency needs, and do not exceed $20,000, are solicited by telephone without public advertisement.

Becoming A Supplier

All suppliers interested in conducting business with the City of Harvey should be prepared to have the following information on file:

    •  An outline of your core capabilities or services that will benefit the City of Harvey.
    •  A government issued tax identification number or social security number.
    • An insurance and/or bond certificate
    •  Any professional certifications for your business. Note: Self-certifications are not permitted.

Invoice Payment

Invoice payment occurs upon completion of the service or delivery of the goods, 30 days after the date of the invoice and after approval for payment via City of Harvey City Council meeting. The invoice should have the following information:

    •  "Make payable to"
    •  Date
    •  Invoice number
    •  Purchase order number
    •  Services rendered or quantity goods delivered
    •  Total amount due

Please note that if any of the above information is incomplete or missing, payment will be delayed. Checks for invoice payment are mailed on the Friday following the City Council meeting.

For questions regarding the above guidelines, please contact the accounts payable department at 708-210-5337.

Thank you for your interest in Doing Business with Harvey!"
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