A Brief History of Harvey
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The history of the founding of Harvey -- before it assumed that name in 1890 -- is somewhat vague, and what is available was contained briefly in an introduction to a supplement published by the Harvey Tribune-Citizen in 1902. It sets forth the actual founding of "South Lawn," the name the community was known before the advent of Turlington W. Harvey and what is know today as the City of Harvey.

In the 1850s, the Illinois legislature granted the Illinois Central Railroad each alternate section of land along its proposed route. Included in these sections was "Section Eight," the southern portion of 1700 acres of Section was sold to C.P. Holden of Kentucky in 1865.

Holden sold his interest to a syndicate in 1871 and 1872. The syndicate inaugurated the first formal action of creating a community by dividing the plot of 1700 acres into blocks and recording the entire plot.

A small map and brochure constituted the community's first advertisement, offering "large lots and gardens for $100, with free transportation to and from Chicago for a year to those who actually became settlers."

In November 1889, Turlington W. Harvey, whose name today graces the community, entered history. In 1890 he made substantial purchases of property and in June 1890, he conveyed to the newly formed Harvey Land association all the land he had purchased. By 1891 the association had acquired all of the property that was later to form the foundation for the future Harvey. It is legend that the village assumed the name of Harvey, and it was under that name that Harvey came into official being in May 1891.

Turlington Harvey is credited with being the genius that transformed an unbroken prairie -- without streets, sidewalks, water, sewers, factories, schools, churches or homes -- into a community whose growth to a population of 5,000 within a three-year period earned it the name of "The Magic City," as it then became to be known from coast to coast.

The fact that taverns dot the Harvey business scene of today might lead to some surprise since the city was founded as a temperance settlement. It was on this basis that the Harvey Land association, the area's first major real estate promoter, was able to land many sales, as people from throughout the world converged on Chicago for the Colombian Exposition in 1893.

The Mayors of Harvey

Eric J. Kellogg
    April 2003 - Present

Nickolas E. Graves
    April 1995 – April 2003

David Johnson
    April 1983 – April 1995

James A. Haines
    May 1, 1967 – April 30, 1983

Elmer O. Turngren
    May 1, 1963 – April 30, 1967

William B. Kane
    May 1, 1959 – April 30, 1963

Arthur E. Turngren
    May 1, 1943 – April 30, 1967

Charles H. Applegate
    January 12, 1942 – April 30, 1943

Frank W. Bruggeman
    May 1, 1927 – January 10, 1942

Matt Stobbs
    May 1, 1919 – April 30, 1927

George A. Gibson
    May 1, 1913 – April 30, 1919

Edward M. Adams
    May 1, 1905 – April 30, 1913

E. N. Hewelling
    September 2, 1901 – April 30, 1903

Clark W. Ranger
    May 1, 1897 – April 30, 1899
    May 1, 1903 – August 29, 1904

Jonathan Matthews
    June 3, 1895 – April 30, 1899

H. C. Riodan
    May 1, 1894 – June 2, 1895

Thomas McFarlane
    April 25, 1892 – April 30, 1893

Peter B. Lamb
    June 18, 1891 – April 24, 1892
    May 1, 1893 – April 30, 1894
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Mayor's Welcome
On behalf the entire Harvey community, I would like to welcome you to the official web site of Harvey, Illinois.
Eric J. Kellogg