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A Message from Mayor Eric J. Kellogg:

I want to take a moment to thank the great residents of the City of Harvey for allowing and entrusting me to serve as your Mayor. I am truly honored and thankful for this opportunity. I have lived in Harvey all my life. I love this City and I am dedicated to returning Harvey to the greatness that it once was. There is indeed A New Harvey Rising!

As I begin my second term in office as Mayor of the great City of Harvey, I am amazed at how fast time has flown by. While becoming acquainted with the auspicious task of providing good government for our residents, I have attempted to waste no time in putting forth initiatives that would positively impact Harvey.

I am very proud of the administration that I have put together. I hired a team of professional department heads to effectively implement policy, procedures, measures and initiatives to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Harvey, as well as upgrade the professionalism and productivity in each department.

Our administration has implemented numerous progressive and necessary policies, initiatives, and programs.
• We have instituted a massive bi-monthly clean-up campaign of our City that includes residents, business owners and City employees. The campaign has not only shown to be successful, but many developers are showing interest due to our efforts to clean our City.
• We returned the Fourth of July Parade to the City of Harvey. I would just like to thank all of the thousands of people who participated in this wonderful event. The parade, followed by the citywide picnic and fireworks display, was an enormous success. We look forward to this year's celebration.
• We created the Mayor’s Intelligence Agency (M.I.A.), which provides a great wealth of information to our police department, as it relates to drugs and gangs.
• The Chaplain Program has taken off and has been of great assistance to the City and the residents of Harvey.
• We have posted signs on homes that have been raided for drugs. These signs send a clear message to dealers and drug consumers that their activities will no longer be tolerated.
• As a result of our crime initiatives, crime appears to be declining. This is a reflection of outstanding teamwork between the police and our citizens.
• We have sponsored a 2nd Chance Program, which provides an opportunity for ex-offenders to gain employment with local businesses.
• We settled the Police, Fire and AFCSME contract disputes.
• We drastically increased the Police manpower and presence in our community.
• We sponsored economic development initiatives that focus on business retention, recruitment and enhancement.

Although we have been very successful during our first term, we have faced some serious challenges.  The City Council and I were faced with many obstacles during the budget process. Faced with a massive deficit due to the enormous over expenditures by the previous administration, we were forced to cut nearly 2 million dollars from the general fund. This action was necessary to get the City operating in a financially responsible manner. All city services and departments will feel the effects of this budget cut. Unfortunately, no new motor fuel-related initiatives could be introduced this year. We were forced to use this year's funding to fulfill the outstanding obligations from the previous administration.

The much-publicized stalled firefighter and police contract negotiations of the prior administration have taken a toll on the current administration's budget as well. I was dedicated to quickly resolving these contract disputes in order to enable both departments to focus on their duties at hand.

The overrun of capital spending from the past administration is an issue that the City Council and I were forced to address. Although the limited funding makes our job more difficult, I know that our City employees will put forth extra effort where money is no longer available. We have begun implementing strict managing guidelines and controls across all departments in line with the new budget. Fiscal responsibility is essential to the future redevelopment of our City.

In terms of redevelopment of Harvey, the City Council and I have worked extremely hard in the procurement of some outstanding projects, which have brought in some much-needed economic development to the community. I am proud to announce that over the last four years the City has received over $100 million in new economic development.

We have been able to shut down multiple illegal dumping operations that were allowed to take place throughout Harvey over the last eight years.The Illinois Attorney General and the Office of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has assisted us with investigating this activity and with the enormous clean up of these sites. Due to our timely discoveries and collaborative efforts, the residents of Harvey will be spared the high clean up cost of these sites.

We certainly have been extremely busy over the past four years. However, it is the citizens of Harvey and the outstanding employees that have made the difference. There now is a consistent sun shining over Harvey. It is affectionately known as the "The New Harvey Rising." Please continue to support our great City. Pride in Harvey is back and ever flowing. Get involved. Thank you for your continued support.

Eric J. Kellogg


Corporation Counsel – Attorney Bettie Lewis
Mayor’s Administrative Assistant – Dreina Lewis
Public Relations Director – Sandra Alvarado
Superintendent of Public Works – Rufus Fisher
CDBG Coordinator – Rhonda Hardemon
Public Fire Safety Administrator – William Bell
Chief of Fire – Jason Bell
Acting Chief of Police – Denard Eaves
Executive Director of Harvey Community Center – Annie Randolph






Mayor's Welcome Message
Welcome to
The Office of the Mayor

Eric J. Kellogg

Mayor Kellogg Welcomes You to

Message from the Mayor
The Year in Review
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting "The Office of the Mayor" area of the Harvey web site. provides a wide range of information about city services and the activities of City Hall. The following are links to Web sites that may be of assistance to you:If you would like to invite me to an event your organization is hosting, please know that all scheduling requests must be submitted in writing. You may fax your invitation to my attention at 708-210-5366, or mail it to me at City Hall, 15320 Broadway Avenue Harvey, IL 60426.

If you are planning a visit to Harvey, please visit the general tourist resources in the visitors section of

If you are seeking employment with the City of Harvey, please visit the employment opportunities page on If you are interested in an internship, you may contact the Mayor's Office. If you would like to apply to become a Police Officer, please contact the Harvey Police Department. For information about employment opportunities at the Harvey Fire Department, please contact their administrative office.

If you need assistance doing research about Harvey, you may visit the Harvey Public Library.

You may also contact me directly by writing, calling or faxing:

Mayor Eric J. Kellogg
City Hall
15320 Broadway Avenue
Harvey, IL 60426
708-210-5331 (phone)
708-210-5366 (fax)

I hope you will visit regularly, as we continue to update the site with information about new happenings throughout Harvey, Illinois.


Mayor Eric J. Kellogg

Youth Sports
Mayor Kellogg ducks one from a Harvey youth boxer

Youth sports is alive and well in Harvey. A core social, educational and growth component for years, organizations like the Harvey Boxing Club, the little league baseball teams and the pee-wee football teams keep the Harvey's children active and competitive on a national level.

Restoration Ministries' Harvey Boxing Club

With more than 50 boys and girls participating in the club, this organization thrives on building esteem for youngsters and building confidence. "Better to sweat in the gym, than bleed in the streets" is the motto of the club, opened in 2002 as a part of gang prevention and youth development programs.

Practices are Monday through Saturday, and include extensive conditioning and cardiovascular training. Kids run three miles, as well as 100-yard and 50-yard sprints.

Locals like 11-year-old Jose Arambula have even gained a ranking as the No. 3 boxer in the nation in his weight class. Arambula attends Coolidge Middle School.

The club is located at 15331 Broadway. For more information on the Harvey Boxing Club, please call 708-333-8353.

Harvey Little League
15017 Center Ave

Harvey Colts
Local Pee-Wee Football Team

Harvey Twisters
Local Wrestling Team
708-331-9419 (phone)
708-333-4888 (fax)
Athletes on the Horizon

Jose Arambula
This 11-year-old boxer captured the state and regional Silver Gloves title in 2004. In the semi-finals of the National tournament, Arambula then lost to the tournament winner. Arambula is ranked third in the nation in his weight class.

Jasmin Plummer
This 10-year-old female captain of the Junior Pee-Wee Leage Harvey Colts (age 9-11) lead the team to a third-place finish in the junior Midget Division II national championship.

Alvin J. Foster III (A.J.)
Son of inspector Alvin J Foster, Jr. of the Harvey Planning Department, Alvin J. Foster III (A.J.) is the new Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation Midget Division State Champion (101 lbs. weight class) for the 2003-2004 season. On the road to this accomplishment, Foster racked up an impressive 34-0 record to finish the season undefeated. Foster is a member of the Harvey Park District Twisters wrestling team under head coach Quintroy Harrell, and he attends Maya Angelou School in Harvey.
Get Involved in Harvey
A member of the Harvey Book Club expresses her point of view

100 Women for Harvey

Founded in October 2002, this organization is dedicated to empowering the residents of Harvey to become aware of and involved with the cultural and physical needs of the City.

"The City of Harvey needs help," said Phyllis Smallwood, president of the organization. "We are dedicated to inspiring the citizens of this great City to begin to lend a helping hand in putting this community back on the right track."

The 100 Women for Harvey has aided the City in its flower beautification program by planting and manicuring flowers in more than 60 wooden barrels provided by the City and placed throughout the community.

The self-funded group is always looking for new members. To get involved in the organization, please attend one of the monthly meetings. The group meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the Rosa Parks School located at 147th and Roby.

Harvey Book Club

Expand your literary horizons and get motivated to read with the Harvey Book Club. The club meets on the last Saturday of every month at 10 a.m.-noon at the Harvey Community Center. For more information, please call 708-596-7876.

M.I.A. Organization
The Mayor's Intelligence Agency helps keep the administration and law enforcement informed of the "word on the street." Citizens interested in joining the M.I.A. can contact Princeton Fields at at 708-210-5300.

Spring Summer Bi-Monthly Clean-Up
Every other month the citizens of Harvey join together to clean up the streets of Harvey. Contact the Street Department for more information at 708-210-5304.

Adopt-a-Lot Program
As a part of Mayor Kellogg's Beautification program, the Adopt-a-Lot Program helps keep the empty lots of Harvey clean of clutter and trash.
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